Monster Energy Tigé Tour

The Tigé Tour is a grassroots wakeboarding tour which gives anyone and everyone the chance to ride behind the world class Tigé RZ2 Monster Energy boat, get expert coaching, and demo the latest gear from the industry's leading brands.

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Past Tigé Tour Videos

With over 40 stops in a tour, there's plenty of videos and photos that have stacked up over time. Were you on a tour and want to see yourself ride? Check out the videos below and find yourself! (not mobile compatible)

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Current Schedule

The Monster Energy Tigé Tour is currently on an indefinite hiatus while we pour all of our efforts into bringing the next revolutionary wakeboard event to the Australian public. Do you want to see the Tigé Tour back? Or what is your favourite event of ours? Let us know on our Facebook.

Want to get the Tigé Tour experince right now? Any of our three national wakeboard schools will be happy to have you along this summer. All three wakeboard school coaches were also coaches on the Monster Energy Tigé Tour, and all have big, beautiful Tigé Boats ready give you the ride of your life.

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What's it all about?

The premise of the Tigé Tour revolves around giving everyone the chance to ride behind an industry-leading wakeboard boat and receive expert coaching from some of the country's best wakeboarding coaches. Add in some visits from the Monster Energy Promo Team and its always a great day out on the Tigé Tour.

The tour extends from far northern Queensland, snaking around through the bush and the beaches, and then spreading throughout NSW, Victoria and SA.

Currently on hiatus, the Monster Energy Tigé Tour gives rural communities a rare chance for professional coaching as well as the chance to ride behind a wake-specific boat in the Tigé RZ2.

As of the 2012 Tigé Tour, participants get 3x 20-minute sets per lesson plus lunch, a gift pack including a free Tigé Tour shirt and New Era ProWake hat, and all of the Monster Energy Drink you can imagine! Plus, each participant receives their your own section in the video from their stop and a professional photographer will be providing the day's best shots on Facebook for free! With a maximum of 7 riders per day, each participant's time on the water is maximised allowing everyone to learn a whole bag of new tricks.

It doesn't matter whether you fancy yourself a good wakeboarder or have never done it before, our expert coaching, expert equipment and fun and relaxed enviornment means everyone will come away from the day having progressed and will be taking their riding to brand new heights.