2019 Ronix, Slingshot, Rip Curl & Hyperlite available for preorder now

2017 Product Preorder Schedule

Use this guide as an indicator only for estimated 2017 product availability. Any 2017 items marked as "Pre-Order" are currently expected to arrive to our warehouse and ship on the following dates. Subject to change.

Brand Current Status Estimated Avail. Date
Byerly Preorder Now Arriving early October
Connelly Preorder Now Arriving early October
CWB Preorder Now Arriving early October
Double Up Preorder Now Arriving mid-late October
Follow Preorder Now Arriving early October
HO Skis Preorder Now Arriving early-mid October
Hyperlite Preorder Now Arriving mid October
JetPilot Buy/Preorder Now 50% in stock. Full range arriving early October
KD Skis Preorder Now Arriving early October
Liquid Force Buy/Preorder Now 50% in stock. 90% of range arriving early October
OBrien Preorder Now Arriving early October
ProWake Preorder Now Arriving early October
Radar Preorder Now Arriving early October
Remote Preorder Now Arriving early October
RipCurl Buy Now 100% in stock & ready to ship to you!
Ronix Buy/Preorder Now 50% available now. Wakeurfers and all remaining wakeboards arriving early October
Slingshot Buy/Preorder Now Boots and wakesurfers In stock. All boards arriving late October


The above schedule applies to pre-orders, that is, we don't have stock yet and the suppliers don't either.

But if you order an item that is already available from the supplier but we don't currently have stock of it in our warehouse then its classed as a backorder.

While we endeavour to have as large of a range in stock in our warehouse at all times, its not possible for us to hold every product in every combination. We can, however, order individual items directly from our supplier network. If you place a backorder, we will call our supplier network and get your order fulfilled specifically for you. In some cases, your order will be shipped directly from the supplier, which cuts down on the time it takes to get the item(s) to our warehouse then on to you.

Please note, if you do order an item that we have to backorder it will take a few extra days for us to process, ship and complete your order.

If for any reason your order can not be fulfilled you will be offered alternative products to choose from by our helpful staff. If you're not satisfied with any other options you will receive a full refund and the order will be cancelled.

If you're unsure about pre-orders or backorders, or would like to find out the current status of your order and the table and information above does not help you, please call us on 1300PROWAKE or email us here.