2018 ProWake Avvia HD W/Static Line 75ft

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The ProWake Avvia HD musk EVA Handle with 75' low stretch static line is a great choice for when you need a spare rope and handle in the boat. Features custom ProWake detailing on the handle and bar. Designed for comfort and versatility, the Avvia HD Handle & Low-Stretch Static rope combo is a great addition to any boat.

Being low streatch this rope is far superior to standard nylon ski rope, by limiting the stretch you will get a more direct pull from the boat resulting in increased water speed into the wake. When leaving the wake you will have minimal recoil meaning you can put your effort into going up and looking good rather than fight the retraction of a rope that has more stretch.

At ProWake we adivse that this rope is an absolute must have as a minimum standard of rope no matter what boat or what level rider you are.




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