2016 Ronix Press Play 146 Wakeboard

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2016 Ronix Press Play Wakeboard

As cable is evolving so are the riding styles. Not every rider wants a cable board that will flex from tip-to-tail. Some riders want more rigidity thru the centre allowing them to rock onto a rail. The Press Play has a fulcrum with more of a pivot point when ollie-ing off the water and exiting a rail.

• Rigid centre profile tapering to our thinnest tip/tail – providing a constant fulcrum for the rider to lean on.
• 15% wider in tip/tail for stability on rails.
• Thinnest profile tip/tail increases feel on features.
• 4 degree bevel around the board – less chance of getting hung up on rails.
• Wider Centre Channel – bigger sweet spot to lock on thinner rails.
• Concave Bottom Tips – effortless ollies and more controlled presses.
• G&R technology - help with Grip thru a turn and release off the water.
• G&R part 2 – side to side stability allowing a rider to control a flick easier at a cable park.
• Sintered Base
• Finless shape