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2017 Double Up Chilv Wakeboard

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Ultimate flex married with DUP’s signature durability. Tobias Michel is the new breed of rail rider, with a fresh outlook and style. It’s this fresh outlook and style that went into designing the Chilv. This board offers unique benefits for all levels of progression, whether you are working a new trick or just starting to find your groove. Taking some key features from the rest of line, simple channel design, PU sidewalls and the most amount of flex in the line, the Chilv is redefining park riding.

Key Features:
• 100% Paulonia Timber Core
• Flat line construction
• Dyna2 Base
• Polyurethane Side Walls
• 600 Gram Tri Axle Fibreglass
• Strategically Profiled timber core
• Dropped Edge Profile
• Flat hull
• 3 Stage Rocker
• Sizes: 137,141, 145