2017 Double Up SDR Wakeboard

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Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll. New for 2017. A unique concept from the bottom sheet right through to the artwork. The SxDxR is the brain child of Manu Rupp, one of the most original riders on the planet. Manu went through the entire line to find a combination of features to put into his board that would not only suit his style but also translate well to progression at any level. Combining the shape of the venture with a new hybrid flex pattern, the SDR offers up a board that has unparalleled Ollie power, great rail control and DUP’s signature durability. Not stopping there, the original artwork by wakeboard icon Mark ‘Turtle’ Mcnamara gives the SDR that extra element of soul. Offered as a limited release, keep an eye out for updated art

Key Features:
• 100% Paulonia Timber Core
• Flat line construction
• Dyna2 Base
• Polyurethane Side Walls
• 600 Gram Tri Axle Fibreglass layup
• Strategically Profiled Core
• Reverse V Hull
• 3 Stage Rocker
• Sizes: 137,139, 143