2017 HO Freeride EVO Ski

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Adventure Skiing
Available In: 65”/ 67”/ 69”/ 71”
• High-Versatility Shape: Lower Aspect Ratio With Wider Tail = Ultra-Efficient Planning Surface For Performance At Slower Speeds And Easier Deep Water StaRTS
• Flexbody With Full-Suspension Rocker – Super Soft Feel With Bend When Carving And Feedback
• Clean Edge Technology In Tail For 50% Less Drag Than Conventional Skis .
• Bevel-Less Design With High Volume Concave – More Stability In CHOp And Rollers
• Eco-Tech Construction– Lightweight High Strength Paulownia Wood Core You Can Take To The Limits
• Rtm Surf Inspired Freeride Fins
High Versatility Shape
In The Pursuit Of A Ski That Gives You The Smooth As Butter Feel Like You’Re Carving Through Powder Even When The Conditions Are Not So Glassy Brought Us To The EVO. A New Take On Out-Of-Box Concept Of The Freeride Line, The EVO Employs An Even More User Friendly Parallel Shape That Feels Best At Slower Speeds.
Flexbody With Full Suspension Rocker
An Ultra-Bendy Ski Makes For Smooth Effortless Turns That Give The Feel That The Edge Is Actually Gripping The Water. This Is Due To The Combination Of Flex And Rocker That Allows The EVO To Continually Conform To The Water Surface. Regardless Of The Speed And Angle Of The Water(Where The Water Is Contacting The Ski) Or Where The Skier Is Standing On The Tip Or Tail, The EVO Is Able To Compress And Give The Needed Stability And Control The Skier Needs.
Eco-Tech: Paulownia Wood Core
In Skis, Paulownia Wood Has Many Benefits Over Traditional Woods And Wood Blends. It Is Lighter And More Stable Than Its Wood CounterpaRTS And Has The Ability To Remain Strong Under The High Flex Conditions Freeriders Need. In Addition, Paulownia Is HydropHObic, So It Naturally Will Not Absorb Water. Paulownia Wood Also Has Many Ecological Benefits: This Fast Growing Tree Has Already Been Cultivated In Plantations For More Than A THOusand Years, Therefore No Forests Get Cut Down. Also, The Cut Tree Dries Very Fast Which Saves A Lot Of Energy In The Process Of Kiln Drying.

Freeride Collection
Water Skiers Look At The World With A Different Set Of Eyes. Every Lake, Cove, River Or Puddle We See, We Wonder, Could We Ski Here? More Often Than Not, Access To The Right Boat, Less Than Optimum Water Conditions And Not Having The Right Equipment For The Job, Stop Us From Exploring The Possibility. HO Skis Imagines A World Where Every Body Of Water Can Be Skied! The Freeride Was Created To Do Just That! The Completely Out-Of-The-Box Design Of The Freeride Has Rewritten The Rules For Water Ski Speeds, Boats And Water Conditions. The Water Ski Future Is Now Wide Open. Where Will You Take Your Skiing?
Freeride Design Philosophy
Clean Edge Technology
Clean Edge Technology Is The Backbone Of Each And Every HO Freeride Ski. This REVOlutionary Ski Technology Allows Skiers To Ski Behind Any Boat, At Any Speed, In Any Water Condition. The Beveled Edge Of A Traditional Water Ski Allows Water To Wrap Around The Bottom Of The Ski And Up The Sidewall Where It Finally Releases Off The Ski’S Top Edge. Clean Edge Technology Is Bevel-Less And The Sidewalls Are Rotated Inward Like A Wakeboard Edge. The Combination Of These Two Design Features Causes Water To Release Cleanly Off The Bottom Surface Of The Freeride Resulting In A 50% Less Drag Than Conventional Skis. By Having 50% Less Drag Than A Conventional Ski, Skiers Are Now Able To Slow The Boat Down To Wakeboard Speeds And Enjoy Skiing WitHOut Sinking And Having To Deal With Excessive Spray And Drag. This Opens The Possibility Of Skiing Behind All Types Of Boats; Inboards, Outboards, I/O’S, Personal Water Craft And Even Cable Parks. In Addition, This Effortless Skiing At Reduced Speeds Allows Skiers To Easily Negotiate Any Reasonable Type Of Water Condition. This Reopens The Door To Bodies Of Water Once Forgotten For Water Skiing And Allows Skiers To Ride Together In Harmony With Our Wake Brethren Once Again. Live Free And Ski!
Clean Edge Location
Why Does Only Half Of My Freeride Have Clean Edge? Clean Edge Is A REVOlutionary Technology That Reduces Drag By 50% Over Traditional Skis. Less Drag Equals More Lift And It Is The Lift On The Rear 50% Of The Freeride’S Running Length That Allows It To Be Skied At Wake Boards Speeds With Low Drag, Low Spray And Low Effort. From Under The Skier’S Front Foot, Up Through The Forebody Of The Ski, The Freeride Utilizes A Traditional Slalom Ski Edge Design. This Traditional Edge Has Greater Drag, Less Lift And As A Result Rides Deeper In The Water For The Stable, Traditional Feel Skiers Covet.
Freeride Shark Fin
The Freeride Comes Equipped With The Surf-Inspired Shark Fin. A Deeper Overall Fin Depth Provides Unmatched HOld And Drive In CHOppy Water Conditions. While The Cutout On The Back Of The Fin Reduces Overall Surface Area And Fin Length For Quick, Tight Turns.
Freeride Flex
Traditional Slalom Course Water Skis Have Rounded-Off Bevels, Mellow Entry Concaves And Stiff Flexes Because They Are Designed To Be Slide Around The Buoy As Much As Carve. The Freeride Is A Carving Machine! Clean Edge Technology, The Steep-Entry-Concave, And Shark Fin Provide Unmatched Edge HOld, For Pure Carved Turns. Similar To A Snow Ski, Skiers Are Actually Bending The Freeride Into A More Rockered Shape To Turn It. As A Result, HO Designed The Freeride Flex With A Snow-Ski-Inspired Flex Pattern To Allow Effortless Carves Every Time.



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