2017 HO Syndicate VTX Slalom Ski

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Syndicate VTX Features

Single Radius Rocker
The VTX Employs A Long Smooth Rockerline Designed To Give Skiers A Much More Stable And Forgiving Feel ThrougHOut Edge Changes. With No True Flat Spot, The VTX Allows For Less Sticking Points In The Turn And Casts Out Evenly And Consistently Onside And Off.
A1 Width Profile
Years After Its Release, The Syndicate A1 Is Widely Known As The Best Shaped Ski Of The Modern Era Due To Its Perfect Combination Of Balance, Stability And Maneuverability. For 2017, We’Ve Re-Employed This Shape, With Its Very Large Sweet Spot, Giving Skiers The Proven Battle-Tested Width Profile That’S Become So Beloved.
46 Degree Bevel Angle
Increased Bevel Angle Allow The Ski To Roll On Edge And Turn Like A Narrow Ski With The Speed & Stability Of A Wide Ski, Giving You The Best Of Both Worlds.
High Volume Concave
The VTX Base Includes A Steep, Wide Concave That Results In More Direction Naturally With Less Down-Course Slide. This Allows Skiers To Attain Their Centerline Quicker, Thereby Achieving Earlier Passes Easier.

Syndicate VTX
Smooth Attack
Available In: 65.75” / 67”/ 68”
• Single Radius Rocker – Long, Smooth Rockeline For A Progressive And Forgiving Feel ThrougHOut Edge-Changes.
• A1 Width Profile – Revisited A1 Shape, Beloved By Many For Its Large Sweet Spot And Mix Of Balance And Maneuverability
• High Volume Concave – HOlds Direction Naturally With Greater Acceleration To Get You Earlier Easier
• 46 Degree Bevel Angle – Rolls On Edge And Turns Like A Narrow Ski With The Speed & Stability Of A Wide Ski
• Carbon Fiber Speed Skin: Advanced Laminar Textured Ski Base To Reduce Ski Drag/Increase Speed, With 20% Less Ski Weight!
• Clean Edge Technology From The Heel Of The Back Foot Through The Tail For Added Efficiency By Reducing Drag
• Stability Tuning/Vibration Dampening System - Strategically Located Tip Weight With An Elastomer Damping Pad, Dampens The Natural Frequency Of The Ski’S SHOvel For Increased Stability
• Superlite Construction: A Proprietary Combination Of Aerospace Carbon Fiber And Superlite Core Technology
• Handmade In Seattle, Washington, Usa

Syndicate Course Collection
The Syndicate Has One Goal: Build The World's Greatest Tournament Water Ski. Syndicate Skis Are More Than Water Skis. They Represent The Pride, Determination And Passion Of The SpoRTS' Greatest Minds And Most Talented Athletes. For 2017, The Syndicate Offers 2 Different Shapes, The Return Of The Highly Successful V-Type R Aka “VTR” And The All New Syndicate V-Type X Or “VTX”. Our Relentless Obsession In Mastering The Design Of The Ultimate Tournament Waterski SHOws In Our Teams Pro Event Titles And Happy Skiers Around The World.
Syndicate Design Philosophy
Made In Usa
HO Skis Is Proud To Design, Test, Build And Finish All Syndicate Skis In The United States Of America. From Conception To Completion These Skis Are Handcrafted By The Legend/Champion/Expert Design Team Headed By Lead Engineer And HO Vp Dave Wingerter, Ski Legend And Master Shaper Bob Lapoint, And The Syndicate Pro Team Including Will Asher And Jon Travers WHOse Constant Testing And Modifications
Vibration Dampening System
A Strategically Located Tip Weight Combined With An Elastomer Damping Pad, Dampens The Natural Frequency Of The Ski’S SHOvel For Increased Stability. This System Reduces Tip “Chatter” Or “Feedback” That Can Be Caused By Rough Water At High Speeds, Resulting In A More Confidence Inspiring “Quiet” Feel For The Skier.
Carbon Fiber Speedskin
HO Skis Has Taken The Highly Successful Laminar Textured Ski Base, Speed Skin, And Applied It Directly To The Carbon Fiber Base Of The Syndicate Skis! This New Carbon Speed Skin Not Only Reduces Ski Drag/Increases Ski Speed, It Also Reduces Ski Weight By 20% By Eliminating The Ski Base Graphic Material.



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