2017 Liquid Force Reflex Wakeskate

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The Obscura team wants to see everyone have a blast riding a wake skate, so we built a playful shape with fun in mind. With a 9-Ply wood construction the REFLEX has a solid feel on the water and in the air. The 3D EVA deck traction provides extra control off the wake and in the flats. The progressive 3 Stage rocker paired with the single concave belly makes it easier to pop your ollies. The beveled rail design makes the REFLEX forgiving when getting up or trying a new trick. So whether you’re a seasoned professional on a budget or just beginning the REFLEX was designed with you in mind!

• Progressive 3 Stage Rocker
• Single Concave Belly
• 9-Ply Wood Construction
• Beveled Rail Design
• EVA 3D Concave Deck Traction
• Symmetrical Design
• Skate Fin