2017 Radar Senate Alloy Slalom Ski - Platinum Blue/Carbon

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The most popular ski we make is back in 2017 with more technology than ever before. Alloy construction used to mean a mix of carbon and fibreglass laminates. It now means a mix of core materials referring to the All Terrain Core now found in the ski. Match that with 100% carbon fibre for the first time and an all-new shape and maybe it should just be called perfection.

• 100% Carbon laminates
• All Terrain Core
• 0.2” wider Vapor Blueprint
• Recommended max speed 34mph
• Precision Fixed Fin System

Year after year it’s proven that there’s no match for the versatility of the Senate Series. You may ask why, and the answer is simple. We take the same mind-blowing speed and unmatched balance of our comp form and modify it for consumer use. The all-new 2017 Senates are undoubtedly the best yet. More performance than is needed with the overflowing stability that is coveted.

Adding surface area is adding volume. Volume is buoyancy. Buoyancy means the ski naturally sits higher in the water (not to mention how much easier it gets out on starts).
With the ski at a naturally higher resting position, it’s easier to accelerate, turn and keep your forward momentum. Considering all of these attributes, the buoyancy also allows a slower boat speed without too much drag.

Take all that goodness and wrap it up in a Vapor blueprint and you have quite possibly the best ski ever on the water.

Our most advanced core to date came with the thought of creating a smoother ride for skiers in open water. Rough water chop can nearly take out your fillings. But aren’t we designing skis to react quickly? The two are not complementing each other. But if we put a dampening system in the core of the ski, we can reduce the vibration through the ski as is cuts through boat wakes. Paulownia wood is pliable and shock absorbing. It is the perfect material to smooth out your ride.

With the new ski shape that the Senate molds received; a new fin shape is designed to complement. For Alloy Senate, Lyric and TRA, this fin is a fixed design, meaning there’s traditionally no adjustment to length and depth of the blade. This adversely affects the performance of the smaller and bigger skis because of compromise in blade shape. Our Precision Fixed Fin system uses shims to account for different ski sizes, balancing out fin dimensions. It ensures you have the right set up, no matter what size you are!



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