2017 Radar Vapor Lithium Slalom Ski - Dayglow/Carbon

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After more than 10 years as the undisputed leader in ski builds, PVC is proven as a core. Its lightweight feel is an upgrade to polyurethane, making the ski nimble and faster both out of the turn and off the second wake. It’s a 100% carbon fibre racehorse; now at a more affordable price.

• 100% Carbon laminates
• PVC core
• Lightweight Sigmatex carbon fabric with heavy tow fibres
• Torsional stability carbon layer
• Pro Comp Adjustable fi n
• Hand crafted at Radar Lake

The Vapor is the finest comp ski on the water. It accelerates like a rocket ship and balances on a tightrope. The advancement of developing the rockerline in conjunction with sidecut has proven to create hydrodynamic harmony. No other ski boasts such a parallel sidecut (keeping the ski riding level) with an answer for tip support created by the additional mass added in front of the wide spot on Vapor.

A new on-edge platform was designed by straightening the sidecut around the back foot. This gives the ski a consistent attitude after edge change, keeping the tip up, holding speed and direction toward apex. At 12” from the tail the sidecut narrows and the rocker kicks up freeing the tail from early turn initiation and unnecessary tip pressure. The concave is also flat through the back of the fin allowing for increased slide through the finish of the on side turn.

Wider parallel lines in the sidecut give the ski a stable place to run in the water on off side turns.
Our newest concept now thins the sidewall, thinner than the middle of the ski, crowning the top surface. So although the ski design is wider, there is no additional resistance from the overall thickness of the ski. It rides in the water like a narrower ski while keeping the width to be the most stable turning off side ski ever.

In addition, our forebody bevel design morphs infinitely into a hard edge in the tip of the ski. The further forward the water breaks, the more resistance you receive from Vapor.

In general terms, more rocker equals tighter turn radius. Too much rocker makes the ski a rocking chair, giving the skier nowhere to stand. The new Vapor rocker has an existing flat spot for a gas pedal for pushing away from the wakes and just enough to keep it auto centring. The rest of the rocker rises earlier with a big kick in the last 9”. It’s fast, nimble and initiates turns like its on rails.

An edge-to-edge concave design is fastest, best off the second wake and finest for on side turning ability. We run an edge-to-edge base design from the wide spot of the ski back through the tail of the Vapor.

A railed base design creates lift and roll (because of the added mass) and feels great as an off side turner. It lets you roll forward on to the tip of the ski without penalty. We run a railed design from the wide spot forward to the tip of the Vapor.

The line across the bottom is simply that mass change. It’s truly the best hybrid base design, as it creates the best off side and on side turn, all-in-one ski.



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