2017 Ronix Modello Stub Fish Wakesurfer - Red / Black

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We think this new series would do really well on that dance competition show. Reason why? Every time we tested the prototypes, the board was always in unison with the rider. It never pushes in front of the rider driving up the wake, falls behind in the bottom turn, and pretty much predicts when you’re about to shift your weight for a new slaysh. She just brings out a certain inner harmony most only get while doing the salsa to La 33 performing Pantera Mambo - now that’s a rhythm song. And oh yeah it is a lighter layup of our signature wakeboard durability construction. The Stub Fish shape has a longboard feel to it, but with the added release of a Koal Fish. Did we already mention how much rhythm this crossover longboard/fun board has? Last but not least - our most affordable value.

A new core for 2017 for a rider looking for the most durable technology out there. We make good things, this Modello is one of them. It’s light, durable, our most affordable, and most of all its got rhythm. Can’t put a price tag on hip swaggering beats.

• Concave top deck with kick tail
• New rear and front pad design
• Fiberglass hook fins - 1- 2.9” Blue Polycarbonate fin
• Lightweight wakeboard construction



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