2017 Ronix Rxt Boots - Massi Edt.

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The pinnacle of modern day wake footwear, our latest addition to the line was constructed to include all of the technology that we could throw at it. Featuring Naked Technology - our “Tech Skin” turned inside out. It is the 1st boot created with true breathability inside a permeable strategic structure, and perforations all the way through the liner. Asymmetrical support offering a combination of soft ankle mobility with supportive foot hold. A bit more heel/toe response than stock Parks model with a similar medial/lateral feel. Technological refinement defined in our most advanced boot ever.

•Asymflex 7
•Brainframe Technology
•Naked Technology
•Intuition + Liner
•Smooth Skin Lining
•Superfabric ®
•New Quick Snap Lace Handles
•Totally Rad Foam
•Rad Foam
•Double Stuff Footbed
•Mag Lock Beams
•Open Perforated Liner
•Double Stuff Footbed
•Massi’s Next Level Pro Model