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2018 Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper Original 138 Std

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  • For Boats up to 22ft
  • Concave Face – for even more effect on your wave
  • Recessed Edges
  • Fully covered Velcro back
  • Built-in handle

Innovation thru Simplicity.

Wakesurf Shaper

The founders of the aftermarket removable Wakesurf Shaper market are proud to introduce our 4th and 5th wave shaping device.

We have broken down what we feel are the 3 most important variables of a wave to probably surf on………

1. Height – The taller the wave the more face there is for a high end surfer to air off the lip of the wave or for any level surfer to have more push off the wave for longer sessions.

2. Width - An unnoticed variable in surfing is the total volume of the wave.  It is easier and more fun to surf a slightly shorter wave that has more bottom load to it providing infinite more push for a surfer.

3. Sweet Spot - How clean is your wave?  If you have white water on the lip - the height and width are trivial.  But also how long is the wave and what degree of angle is that wave pushing at?  Meaning the more closed the wave is the even if you day dream and fall out of the wave – the higher degree of angle of the wave relative to the boat - so as the surfer goes out further from the boat the swell is still naturally driving the surfer back into the wave.

In short we feel we not only have the tallest aftermarket wave, the widest wave pushing more amps - but we also have the most surf able longest wave that as it gets longer it is also spreading out the degree of angle of the wave. 

How did we do this?  Concave and deflection area:

  • Concave – Our models have concave running thru the center of the shaper for a greater more defined leading edge and an effective push. The result generates a more effective job of diverting a column of water creating less drag on the boat with improved fuel efficiency. 
  • Deflection Area – This is the combination of the degree of angle 90° impeding the most amount of water and the size of the face of the shaper – total surface area. The result is simple…

Concave Blade vs. our leading competitor has 137% more deflection area.

Concave Original vs. our leading competitor has 253% more deflection area.  

Cleaner, Taller, Wider Waves from the company that started it all - Wakesurf Shaper.



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