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2019 HO FAD 5'

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Most Stable Fun Aquatic Device

26” X 62"

  • Surfboard inspired shape
  • Durable Drop Stitch Construction
  • Machined EVA Traction Pad for unsurpassed foot grip
  • Kneel, Lay, Stand, or Sit- multiple riding options
  • Handle Hook for Hands Free Starts/riding
  • FAD specific pump included
  • Dual handles for steering when the handle is docked in the handle hook
  • Dual fins for just the right amount of traction
  • Capable of holding up to 20 PSI

Easy to inflate & deflate with a surf inspired shape, the FAD boards are built with a durable drop-stitch construction making them rigid when inflated and super compact for storage when deflated. Their Machined EVA Traction Pads makes them grippy for wakesurfing while the handle hook and dual handles permit easy getups and hands free riding. You can kneel, lay, stand or sit on the multi-functional FAD boards.

The riding possibilities are endless, opening up a world of pure imagination on for your friends and family. Fun for all ages, the FADs are guaranteed to turn some heads on your lake this summer.



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