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2018 Liquid Force Dose Shane Wakeboard

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Shane has been riding for LF for over 20 years and during that time he has ridden almost every type of board in every type of condition.  Rather than carrying a “quiver” with him on his travels, he prefers a board that can handle any condition and the DOSE is just that board.  Most recently Shane has been riding more park than boat, so this board is made with more flex throughout than a typical boat board.  This is especially true in the nose and tail of the board which features the liquid rail Flex Zones giving the board a more sensitive feel on rails.  The bottom is clean without channels and features a single to triple concave off the tips which provides lots of speed around corners or into wakes.  When Shane is riding behind that boat, he prefers to put on the quad fins that provide more stability and control.  Our new Flex Track comes standard on this board, providing the ultimate control and feel while edging into the wake or tail pressing a flat bar.  If you are spending more time at the park, but still spend quite a bit of time behind the boat, the Shane version of the DOSE will be your ultimate one board “quiver”.

  • LF Exclusive Flex Track
  • Full Wood Profiled Core
  • “Vector Net”
  • Pro Glass Layup
  • LF Slider Quad Fin Setup
  • LF Exclusive GRIND Base
  • LF Exclusive Liquid Rail
  • Concaved Beveled Rail
  • Blunted Square Tail
  • Single Concave through Center
  • Triple Concave exiting tail
  • Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker
  • Flex rating of 7
  • Performance of 6-10



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