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2018 Liquid Force Harley Ultra Gel/Vision Blk/Red 75’ Rope Combo

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HARLEY Ultra Gel Pro Handle Combo w/Vision Line by Harley Clifford: 

When Harley was creating his signature handle, he wanted to combine comfort of a round bar and added grip of a more ergonomically oval designed shape.  So he started with a mid-sized round T6-6061 Aluminum bar and added a strip of Impact Gel along the forefinger position for superior grip and less fatigue. The Harley Pro offers Liquid Force’s Pro End Caps with padded lash guards’ to stop handle roll and finished it off with a fashionable and comfortable Ultra-Suede warp.  It is packaged with Liquid Force’s coated Dyneema™ Vision Line for the best pull on the water!

  • Pro End Cap: Durable injection molded nylon with no-splice connection
  • Padded Lash Guards: Molded pads prevent handle lash
  • 30mm Grip Diameter – Ergonomic oval design
  • Ultra Suede wrap w/Impact Gel inserts along the forefinger position for comfort and less fatigue
  • T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: No flex, no bend, and super lightweight
  • Pro “Y” Connect: No Splice, a secure connection to reduces tangles with molded logo
  • Vision Line: PU coated 100% Dyneema™ no stretch fiber main line
  • 75 feet total length 50’- 10’- 5’- 5’+ 5’ handle



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