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2018 Liquid Force Next Wakeboard

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“It’s like putting your thumb over a hose to make the water go faster, so when you’re hitting the wake it’s like what a scientist calls the venturi effect.  Water speeds up through the hull of the board and off to the heavens you go above.”… Bob Soven

The Next is the board that is going to take your riding to the Next level.  This board has speed and quickness and with the exclusive Flex Track technology you are going to feel the ultimate control and connection to the board.  It’s like driving a high performance sports a car…  The vector net weave ads a layer of torsional strength for more control and stability when blasting off any size wake and the aggressive 3 stage rocker gives you the pop needed to send it to the moon.  If you are looking for the ultimate high performance boat board, Bob Soven’s pro model should be your Next board. 

  • LF Exclusive Flex Track
  • Aggressive Three Stage Rocker
  • Ash Veneer/PU composite Core
  • Single to Double Venturi Hull
  • Edge Channels
  • Pro-Glass Combo Layup
  • RX Quad Fin Setup
  • “Vector Net”
  • Flex rating of 3
  • Performance of 6-10



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