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2018 Slingshot Wake Foiler Package

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2018 Slingshot Wake Foil Characteristics

Slingshot is excited to add the Wakefoiler to our 2018 wake lineup. This industry first is an all-in-one package that includes our custom Wakefoiler board, two masts and a foil designed for user-friendly riding.
You’ll experience a completely new sensation with the Wakefoiler. No matter what type of rider you are, what kind of boat you have or how rough the water is, floating smoothly and silently over the water is an experience unlike anything else in wakeboarding. Hydrofoil


+ Hydrofoil package designed specifically for behind-the-boat riding
+ Can use with any boat (or jetski)
+ Ride in any conditions, float smoothly above rough water
+ Brings a new challenge and completely new sensation to wakeboarding
+ Durable construction, breaks down quickly for easy storage

SIZES: 4’10”



+ 24” MAST
+ 15” MAST

The Wakefoiler is designed for easy learning, user-friendly progressionstability, smooth handling and streamline storage when not in use. The foil provides lift at low speeds and has a bottom-heavy weight balance that promotes stability and easy handling. The package includes two masts, 15” and 24”, that allows beginners to start small and step-up as they progress. The incremental lengths are designed for ease of progression. The concept is simple: start with the shorter, more manageable mast until you get the hang of it, then graduate to the longer, more versatile mast when you’re ready.
Are you’re an experienced wakeboarder looking for something new and exciting? Are you intrigued by foiling’s high-efficiency hydrodynamics? Does your local spot get rough and windy on a regular basis? Do you have a jetski, a pontoon, an outboard or a boat that doesn’t put out a perfect wake?
If you answered yes to any of these, the Wakefoiler is your ticket to a whole new level of fun on the water!


1. 15-INCH (38 CM) MAST
Learn with more progression, less pain and less frustration with the Wakefoiler’s 15-inch mast. With a short mast you’ll get used to the foil under your feet, you’ll get a feeling for the change in balance and weight distribution and you’ll learn what to do and what not to do, all with less risk than with a longer mast.

2. 24-INCH (61 CM) MAST
Once you’re comfortable getting the board into position, getting up proficiently and are gaining controlled rides on the foil, you’ll be ready for the 24-inch mast. Switching to the longer mast will give you more mobility and more range of motion behind the boat. You’ll quickly gain a feeling for the fine-tuned control foiling requires, and as you progress you’ll be amazed at how much control you have and how agile your foil actually is.