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2019 HO Glide 2 Tube

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Up to 2 Riders

70” Diameter

The little brother to the Glide 3, the Glide 2 is the ultimate tube for the thrill seekers in your family. Due to its exclusive HO Convex Construction this tube has a large riding surface for two adults but a reduced contact area with the water. This tube is FAST! The concave shape allows you to comfortably have up to two riders on the tube at a time. With the addition of HO Sports’ Softshell Tech top sheet, you can ride all day in ultimate comfort without the abrasion or “tube rash” you might get riding traditional nylon covered tubes. Backed by our industry leading 1 year warranty, the Glide 2 will keep you where you want to be…on the water.

• Softshell Technology – Full Top Coverage!

o Abrasion Resistant – reduced “tube rash” often caused by traditional nylon covers

o Temperature Controlled – doesn’t become hot to the touched due to sun exposure like traditional nylon covers

• Exclusive HO Convex Construction

• HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment

Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation and Deflation

• No-Show Handles



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