2019 Radar Senate Pro Build Slalom Ski + Vector Boa Boot & Titanium ARTP Package

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2019 Senate Collection

The 2019 Senate is hands down the best Senate we have ever created. Now updated to follow the shape of our most recent Vapor; this ski is a level riding, symmetrical turning, balanced, dream machine. Known for its ability to carry speed, the Senate allows the skier to maintain width on the boat. This gives a sense of freedom sought after by those that ski in the course as well as those ripping open water turns.

Senate Pro

PMI foam is undoubtedly the lightest, most responsive foam on the market. We wrap that foam in Textreme spread tow carbon to make this all-new Senate the fastest, most aggressive Senate we’ve ever created. Now those skiing 32-34 MPH in the course truly have a racecar of a Senate to write home about.


  • PMI Core - Lightweight, high density, most response.
  • Textreme Carbon - Lighter, stronger composites.
  • CorFlex - Optimizing the flex in your ski’s turning.
  • NFC Enabled - Information delivered simply.
  • Radar Lab Made
      65" Up to 77kg
      67" 72 - 91kg
      69" 82 - 100kg
      71" Over 91kg



      Vector Boa

      The industry’s best-selling boot got an upgrade for 2019. We overhauled the Vector boot to give you a better, more reactive fit. The blueprint of the boot was slimmed to ease entry, reduce drag, and maximize performance. We fused our favorite material, Carbitex, to a lightweight mesh to give the boot ultimate connection to the ski while keeping a Boa reel over your forefoot to give you a perfect fit every time.


      • BOA Lacing System
      • Carbitex CX6
      • Wrap Tech Level 3
      • Molded 3D Tongue
      • Symmetrical Fit
      • Feather Frame Chassis
      US 5-8 7-11 10-14
      UK 4-7 6-10 9-13
      EURO 38-41 40-44 43-47



      Built to fit any size foot, not only is this design our most adjustable rear toe ever made, it also offers the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance. Set it and forget it ease of use. 

      Boa Features:

      • BOA Lacing System
      • Carbitex CX6
      • Available on Feather Frame and Aluminum Plate