2019 Radar Vapor Graphite Slalom Ski + Vector Boot & Titanium ARTP Package

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2019 Vapor Collection

The 2019 Vapor completely redefines what we previously thought possible on a ski. Additional width through the tail makes the ski sit more level and allows speed to be carried more consistently.  The area directly under your front foot has an increased taper, which lets the ski move through the finish of the turn easier and allows the tip height to stay constant, increasing efficiency. The wide spot of the ski has been moved forward, giving you the ability to stand over your front foot with confidence.

The outcome, a ski that carries speed and creates angle better than anything on the market.

Graphite Vapor

The Graphite Vapor features a polyurethane core in the body of a Vapor. Polyurethane is damper foam which allows the ski to sit a little deeper in the water and makes for more progressive turns. Those skiing in a mix of open water and slalom courses favor the Graphite construction between speeds of 30-36 MPH.


  • Aero Core – Forgiving and consistent response.
  • Sigmatex Carbon - Consistent flex every time.
  • CorFlex - Optimizing the flex in your ski’s turning.
  • NFC Enabled - Information delivered simply.
  • Radar Lab Made
    63.5" 38 - 55kg
    65" 50 - 66kg
    66" 56 - 82kg
    67" 72 - 91kg
    68" 82 - 100kg
    69.5" Over 91kg



    A mainstay in our line, this everyday charger has been enhanced for 2019. Built for the skier seeking all day comfort without yielding on performance. A lightweight and ultra-comfortable platform allows you to forget about your feet and focus on the ride.


    • Wrap Tech Level 1
    • Feather Frame Chassis
    • Molded 3D Tongue
    • Symmetrical Fit
      US 5-8 7-11 10-14
      UK 4-7 6-10 9-13
      EURO 38-41 40-44 43-47



      Built to fit any size foot, not only is this design our most adjustable rear toe ever made, it also offers the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance. Set it and forget it ease of use. 

      Standard Features:

      • Independent Floating Tongue
      • Contoured Footbed
      • Feather Frame Chassis




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