2019 Slingshot Whip Wakeboard

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There’s no time for rest on the Whip. Every corner, kicker, and obstacle is yours for the taking. Designed alongside the cable legend Steffen Vollert, like a fresh set of tires, the Whip’s got grip you can count on, leading to high performance fast pace riding - Now THAT’S German Engineering.

BENEFIT: Trustworthy design you can count on when setting a rail or coming down for a big landing. The flex is enough to make riding rails a total blast but rigid enough to maintain its pop for half loads and air tricks.


  • Naca Tech Channels offer max grip without sacrificing speed

  • Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls

  • Medium / firm flex pattern

  • Ballistic Base

  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts

  • Continuous Rocker Profile

  • Art by: Carson Wiser / Steffen Vollert

PACKAGE INCLUDES: WHIP BOARD, 4 — .75” X 6” ( 1.9 x 15.2 CM ) WAKE FINS



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