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Slingshot and Double-up Demo Day! 11th December!

2020 Slingshot Coaster Wakesurfer

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5’0” // 5’3” | SKU 120239

The mission with the coaster is just that - to coast. Anywhere, any time, any boat. It’s an enlarged skiminspired design with a flat rocker line and plenty of surface area, perfect for anyone with a less-than-desirable surf wave or having trouble letting go of the rope and keeping up with the wake.

The best board in our lineup for surfing waves that aren’t perfect or for riders who are having trouble letting go of the rope and surfing successfully.

Package includes: Coaster Board, 3 X 2” (5.08 CM) G10 Tri-fin Set-up



Customizable Fin Configuration
The G10 Tri-fin setup can be run in a thruster, twin, or single fin configuration
based on rider preferences.

Large Surface Area
Bigger surface areas help support more weight and surf smaller waves. Increasing your surface area increases your support on the surface of the water and prevents sinking, the key to success for larger surfers or surfing smaller waves!

Mild Nose Rocker
Just enough to keep you from pearling (nose diving) but not enough to slow down the board speed. The happy medium.

Fast Rocker Lines
The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the
rope behind the boat.

Pin Tail Design
Traditional surfboard tail shape, easy to turn tight and carve aggressively on
the wave, perfect for expert level carving on the face of the wave.

Double Concave Hull
The double concave hull helps create traction without sacrificing speed, and
also helps the board rock effortlessly from rail to rail.




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