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2020 Slingshot Cobra Cat 4'8" XR Wakesurfers

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4’8” | SKU 120235480

The mission with the coaster is just that- to coast.
Anywhere, any time, any boat. It’s an enlarged skiminspired design with a flat rocker line and plenty of surface area, perfect for anyone with a less-than-desirable
surf wave or having trouble letting go of the rope and keeping up with the wake

*The XR option features an inlaid carbon weave that gives the board a bit more stiffness and strength plus a lot more dockside appeal

A classic shape everyone on the boat will enjoy. It’s agile and snappy and has plenty of speed for tossing the rope and surfing behind most decent waves.

Package includes: Cobra Cat XR Board, 3 X 3.9” (9.9 CM) FCSII Tri-fin Set-up


Carbon Matrix Overlay for Strength and Style
Gives the board increased torsional strength and adds the bling it needs to stand out from the peasants.

Customizable Fin Configurations
FCSII fins, choose from thruster, twin fin or single fin configurations. Customize your ride the way you like it.

EVA Deck Pad
Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, our new EVA deck-pads are not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.

Double Concave Hull
The double concave hull helps create traction without sacrificing speed, and also helps the board rock effortlessly from rail to rail.

Center Spine
Helps in the transition from toe to heel edge when rocking and rolling on the wave.

Dual Cupped Rails Channels
Located on the toe and heel rails of the boards, these channels give the board additional “bite” when digging into the face of the wave. They feel almost like a small cheater fin on the edge that helps keep you on the sweet spot of the wave and prevents slip-outs.

Classic Surf Shape
If it aint broke, don’t fix it! The classic pointed nose and pulled in pin tail idesign, is a blast to surf from rain to rail, allowing surfers to bank turns in the pocket with ease.

Fast Rocker Line
The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat.




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