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2024 Eight.3 Valve Plug - Smoke Gray

2024 Eight.3 Valve Plug - Smoke Gray

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2024 Ronix Eight.3 Valve Plug

Upgrade your ballast system with the 2024 Ronix Eight.3 Vented Valve Plug, now available at ProWake. These 1" diameter port caps feature two-sided vent slots that help release excess air from the bag while filling, ensuring maximum water weight without the risk of losing the cap. Plus, the extended threads provide a secure and water-tight fit for a hassle-free experience on the water.


Eight.3 1” port caps are all made with two sided vent slots which help burp the bag of all extra air while filling, without taking off the cap completely, and potentially losing it - more water equals more weight. These 1’ diameter port cap threads are twice as long, for a water tight fit.