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2024 HO 4K Safety Tube Rope - White

2024 HO 4K Safety Tube Rope - White

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2024 HO 4K Safety Tube Rope - White

As safety is our first priority, we’ve added some key safety features to our new tube rope offerings that only add to the fun. The neoprene core allows the rope to float atop the water for better visibility and less chance for hang-ups on unseen objects that may be in the water. In addition, the can be easily seen with a reflective fleck in the rope weave. The 4k Tube Rope is a 60 foot long rope designed for 3 or 4 rider tubes or 4,100 pounds of average tensile strength. It has a maximum of 4 people or roughly 680 rider pounds and is a great mid-weight rope for average tubes and tubers.


  • Floating Neoprene Core
  • Reflective Rope Fleck
  • Velcro Rope Keeper
  • WSIA Approved