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2022 HO Syndicate Omega Max BWF

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2022 HO Syndicate Omega Max BWF

Wider version Omega for increased stability



Width is Lift. Omega Max is a wider variant of the Omega design, created to increase acceleration from turn to wakes allowing for the early, tight line skiing skiers’ dream of.


It’s Max Width Profile provides stability, while it’s new narrow round tail rolls onto and stays on edge easier. The tails round shape helps it sit deeper at the finish of the turn for increased hold. The Syndicate Omega Max also features a rounder, larger bevel that allows ski to roll on edge better with increased stability

It’s tail is rounded which allows the ski to sit deeper at the finish of the turn for increased hold. The Low Volume Concave allows the Omega Max to maintain skier speed more easily for improved efficiency and less skier effort required. Designed with a 4-Stage Rocker, the true flat spot located under the skiers front foot allows the ski to move through the wakes and outbound better than any Syndicate ski to date. An additional flat spot in the tail provides more support and helps keep the tip down through the finish of the turn.


The Syndicate Omega Max is built with our proprietary Eco Performance Construction, containing a Recycled Thermoplastic Core and 35% Natural Glycerin Resin, a by-product of biodiesel production. These new materials enhance ski performance and reduce the environmental impact of ski manufacture! The result is a more dynamic and responsive flex, making it easier to get wider with less effort. The combination of the core & resin amplifies the lighter feel with quicker rebounding than ever before.

It’s torsionally stiff flex holds shape in high load situations for great acceleration at the finish of the turn. The ski base features Carbon Fiber Speedskin, an advanced laminar textured material to reduce ski drag & increase speed, with 20% less ski weight! This ski also features our new Syndicate Adjustable Fin: A simple, minimal and functional design utilizing a single 5-32 hex key for micro-adjustment and fin blade clamping.


Quick Features:

  • Max Width Profile with narrow round tail
  • Eco Performance Construction

                o Recycled Thermoplastic Core

o 35% Natural Glycerin Resin

  • 4-Stage Rocker Design
  • Larger, Rounder Bevel Package
  • Low Volume Concave
  • Torsionally Stiff Flex
  • Carbon Fiber SpeedSkin
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin


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