2022 Liquid Force Butterstick Pro Wakeboard + Tao 6X Binding

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2022 Liquid Force Butterstick Pro Wakeboard - Multi



Dont fix something that isn't broke. This butterstick has been such a hit they haven't changed the shape or construction of them. You're going to love the new design though with its fresh new look.


Arguably the most playful board in our lineup due to the unique flex tips...for any rider looking to press hard on rails, yet still looking for solid support underfoot for landings!

Felix has a style all his own and is extremely fun to watch. Almost as much fun as the Butterstick Pro is to ride! This thing will let you get into some of the most exaggerated presses, so strap in and see where the Butterstick Pro can take you!

Super Flex Diamond Tail Shape / Progressive Three Stage Rocker / Unique 3D FlexZone Tip Design / 1.5" Narrower Stance Option / Full Paulownia Wood Profiled Core / Triax Glass Layup / Variable Radius Single Concave Hull / Beveled Liquid Rails Sidewalls / Compatible with all Bindings


2022 Liquid Force Tao 6X Binding - Black

This binding is working so well DG said that he didn’t want any changes moving into 2022.  “Keep it the same!”, Daniel said.  So, we did…  The TAO features a 6X chassis that keeps Daniel secure to the board for booting huge of kickers.  The flexible upper allows for tweaked out presses on the rails and comfort for the average rider.  Put it this way, if this binding works for Daniel Grant, it’s going to work just fine for you.

  • Wide Fit
  • Soft Flex Profile
  • Integrated Comfort Foam Upper
  • Flex Articulating Side Panel Design
  • Back Cuff Stretch Zone
  • Dual-Zone lacing with Hex locks and end mounts
  • 6X™ Chassis System
  • Ultra-responsive Frame Rail Geometry with Honeycomb Cross Bracing
  • Locking stance adjustment 0-18˚ with micro teeth
  • Black Oxide plated 316 Stainless steel M6 hardware
  • Full-length Chassis Water Drainage System
  • TPE Chassis Impact Dampening Base  
  • Glue-less Locking Frame for a More Sustainable Assembly
  • Universally compatible with all insert and Liquid Force Flextrack™ boards
  • Sizes: 4-6 (W-5-7), 6-8 (W7-9), 8-10 (W9-11), 10-12, 12-13


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