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Slingshot and Double-up Demo Day! 11th December!

2022 Slingshot Flying Fish V1 Wake Foil

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2022 Slingshot Flying Fish V1 Wake Foil


The compact shape, flat rocker, and high volume of the Flying Fish boards make them ideal for paddle-in (prone) foil surfing, pumping out to the next wave, and laying hard carves. Offset front foot and full center line foot strap inserts make this board the choice for our advanced Wingsurf riders, strapped tow-surfers and anyone taking it to the air.

Tech Features:

  1. Footstrap Inserts - For increased pumpability, wingsurfing and airs.
  2. Ramped Tail - Gives extra push into the wave for prone foiling and helps early release onto foil.
  3. EPS Foam Core - Light and Strong.
  4. Adjustable Foil Tracks - Perfectly place your center of lift.
  5. Elongated EVA Deck Pad - A comfy ride without the need for wax.
  6. Beveled Rails - Aids in earlier release from the water. Makes a big difference when you’re leaning into a carve or edging hard up wind. Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.
  7. Carbon Reinforcements - Provides additional support and durability on strategic areas of the board.



As the name implies, this board is built to fly effortlessly above the surface of the waves, swell, and anywhere else your foiling desires might take you.


  • High volume design is ideal for catching waves with ease
  • Compact board lengths range from beginner 5’0 (40L) to intermediate 4’6 (35L) and expert 4’2 (30L) - accommodating all skill levels
  • Chined rails allow for a quicker release off the water and up onto foil, and provide additional clearance when banking turns
  • Ramp tail provides additional “push” for prone paddlers when catching waves
  • Elongated EVA deck pad gives foil surfers freedom when it comes to stance location, and eliminates the need for wax
  • Inserts for foot-straps allow you the freedom to explore your every foiling desire - from airs, to winging, increased pump-ability and more

Package Includes:

  • Flying Fish Board
  • Foil Track Mounting Hardware



 Length (in) Width (in/cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (L) Weight (lbs / kg)
4'2" 19.6" / 7.7 cm 2.4" / 6.1 cm 30 6.6lbs / 3.0kg
4'6" 21.5" / 8.5 cm 2.4" / 6.1 cm 35 7.4lbs / 3.4kg
5'0" 22.5" / 8.9 cm 2.3" / 5.8 cm 40 8.2lbs / 3.7kg


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