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2024 HO Neutron Kb W/Powerlock Strap

2024 HO Neutron Kb W/Powerlock Strap

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2024 HO Neutron KB w/Powerlock Strap

Introducing the 2024 HO Neutron KB with PowerLock Strap at Prowake! This wakeboard offers a snowboard-inspired side cut, continuous rocker, and molded-in fins for maximum control, making it the perfect choice for riders seeking a thrilling and agile ride on the water. With the convenience of the Easy-Up Handle Hook, a large orthotic knee pad for comfort, and the PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap, it's designed for both performance and rider comfort.


• Easy-Up Handle Hook
• Snowboard inspired Side Cut
• Continuous Rocker
• Molded in Fins for maximum control
• Large Orthotic Knee Pad for Comfortable Ride
• PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap