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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

2024 Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

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2024 Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

Dedicated to Progression and Improving Our Next Gen’s Riding!

The 2024 Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard is the perfect choice for young riders who are eager to progress and build their wakeboarding skills. Available in two sizes, each designed to cater to specific rider needs, this board ensures a smooth learning curve. The 120 features a Continuous Rocker with a forgiving edge for beginners, while the 125 boasts a Progressive Hybrid Rocker with a sharper edge for more confident wake edging. Whether your little one is just starting or looking to take their skills to the next level, the Dream Wakeboard is designed to make their wakeboarding dreams come true. Get it now at ProWake!

The Dream is specifically designed to help riders get better and more comfortable in their riding.  We achieved this by tweaking each size of the dream a little differently, to meet the needs of our youngest groms and those who have their feet wet and are ready to move forward in their riding. The 120 features a Continuous Rocker with a softer more forgiving edge. While the 125 has a Progressive Hybrid Rocker with a sharper edge to help build confidence edging into the wake. We don’t want this to be a hobby for your kid, we want it to be their passion…and this board will help make the dreams of becoming the next Meagan Ethell a reality for your little lady.


  • Each size is built to the specific needs of the rider enjoying the board.  The smaller version has a very forgiving edge profile to decrease hang-ups, and the larger version starts to have deeper fins and more defined edge profile for carving.
  • One of the most trusted shapes to help younger riders engage in wakeboarding and learn to love their time on the water.
  • Equipped with 3-Position M6 Inserts
    • Optimized with Liquid Force 6X/6R Model Bindings
    • Universal Compatibility with All Bindings Featuring 6" Mounting Spread


  • 120 - Continuous Rocker | Tip/Tail Shape: Rounded Diamond Tail
  • 125 - Progressive Hybrid Rocker | Tip/Tail Shape: Diamond Squaretail
  • Precision PU Core
  • Lightweight Biax Glass Layup
  • Molded-In Quad Fins with Removable Center Fin