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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Tr-9 Combo - Red

2024 Liquid Force Tr-9 Combo - Red

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2023 Liquid Force Tr-9 Combo - Red

The TR9 wake combo delivers price point performance for all. The machined EVA grip and built-in floats keep the TR9 on the surface. The PE fibre Static mainline resists tangles. The TR9 is a fun and economical way to keep you connected to the boat.


- Dip Molded End Caps - Comfortable Endcaps, Lightweight and Durable
- Machined EVA Grip - Machined Circular EVA Grip Features an Aesthetic Color Pop on the - Handle Grip
- Polyethylene Leader - Lightweight PE Leader Line with Minimal Stretch
- Abrasion Resistant Clear Tubing Covers PE Leader Line
- 15" T66061 Aluminum Bar - No Flex, No Bend, Lightweight Bar Extrusion with Built-in Floats
- Pencil Floats - Thin Pencil Floats Prevent Sinking
- Static PE Fiber Mainline Line
- 65' Total Length - 45' Mainline + 5' + 5' + 5' + 5' Handle