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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Twinzer Wakesurf

2024 Liquid Force Twinzer Wakesurf

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2024 Liquid Force Twinzer Wakesurf

Do you crave the feeling of riding at your favorite surf break, but can’t make it to the coast?  Let the Twinzer help you power through big bottom turns and snappy cutbacks behind the boat!

Introducing the 2024 Liquid Force Twinzer Wakesurf at ProWake, the ultimate board for that coastal surf feeling behind the boat. With a unique "Twinzer" Canard Setup featuring forward stubby fins and rear carbon honeycomb side fins, this board accelerates water flow for a smoother ride with impressive carves. Plus, its lightweight Carbon Innegra Construction ensures high performance and fun on the water.

This is easily one of the FUNNEST performance shapes in our surf-style series.  It features a unique four fin configuration known as a Canard Setup which is unique to a Twinzer.  This style of fin placement helps speed up water flow past the fins, but keeps you a little more locked in on carves and slashes. Take your set on a Twinzer and see what the buzz is all about.


  • Unique “Twinzer” Fin Configuration: Known as a Canard Setup, which has forward mounted stubby fins and rear mounted carbon honeycomb side fins speed up waterflow through the fins for a smoother ride.
  • Its lightweight Carbon Innegra Construction keeps the Twinzer ultra-light and high performing.


  • EPS Foam Core with Wood Stringer
  • Single Concave Hull Design
  • Crisp Rails
  • EVA Surf Traction Pad
  • Two Dual Tabbed Carbon Honeycomb Side Fins | Two Single Tab Stubbies