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2024 Ronix Alloy Mast Top Plate - Black

2024 Ronix Alloy Mast Top Plate - Black

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2024 Ronix Alloy Mast Top Plate

Introducing the 2024 Ronix Alloy Mast Top Plate, the essential connection point between your Alloy Fluid Mast and foil board, boasting a meticulously crafted design for effortless assembly. Featuring open-hole slots for easy track hardware insertion and universal compatibility with all Ronix designs, except Velo masts, which already have an integrated mast plate. Plus, check out the 2024 Ronix Combo 5.5, our exclusive double handle package, allowing you to enter the wake "wrapped" for seamless spins without the need for a handle pass. Elevate your wakeboarding experience with ProWake today!

This is the solid connection between the top of the Alloy Fluid Mast and the foil board. A perfectly machined complex construction with the most simplistic easy to use design.


+ Open Hole slots – Once all 4 of the track hardware screws are inserted
into the tracks it is easy to slide them inside of the desired location of the
mast plate with the open hole design
+ Universal fit – this mast plate is easy to mount on our masts and will work
on every Ronix design
* This product is not needed on Velo masts as the mast plate is built into the mast itself
+ 3D Robotics