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2024 HO Syndicate Pro Bwf Ski

2024 HO Syndicate Pro Bwf Ski

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2024 HO Syndicate Pro BWF Ski

Gear up for victory with the 2024 HO Syndicate Pro BWF Ski, available at Prowake. Designed for speed and precision, this ski features an adjusted carbon ratio for a refined flex pattern, a narrow width profile for maximum edge angles, and high-volume concave for stability and drive, ensuring you'll conquer the race to the centerline of the wakes. With multiple size options and proudly made in Seattle, WA, USA, this ski is your ticket to podium-worthy performance on the water.

Win the Race to Centerline of the Wakes

SIZES: 65” / 66” / 67” / 68”

Key Features
• NEW! Adjusted Carbon Ratio above and below the core for a more refined flex pattern
• Narrow Width Profile: rolls onto the highest edge angles and holds the most direction into
the wakes.
• High Volume Concave: Increased Downforce for Stability and Drive
More Features:
• Syndicate Construction
+ Syndicate Core: Cross-linked structural foam for high responsiveness
+ Bio Resin: 35% Natural Glycerin Resin, a by-product of biodiesel production
+ 100% Carbon Fiber Laminates: Highest stiffness to weight ratio
 + Carbon Fiber SpeedSkin: Advanced laminar textured ski base to increase stability
• Syndicate Adjustable Fin
• Made in Seattle, WA USA