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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Carbon Horizon 120 Foil Set

2024 Liquid Force Carbon Horizon 120 Foil Set

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Foil Everything from Jet Ski bumps to Large Wakes and Rollers!

Meet the Carbon Horizon 120, the premium foil set at Prowake! Crafted from high-quality 3K Pre-Preg Carbon, it's the choice for foilers seeking speed and agility, suitable for various riding styles and conditions. Elevate your foiling game with the Carbon Horizon 120, exclusively at Prowake!

Lightweight, fast, controlled, and full of power the Carbon Horizon 120 packs a punch. Built from the highest quality 3K Pre-Preg Carbon the 120 is built for the Foiler looking for a lightweight yet bulletproof foil set. With all Horizon series foils you can guarantee consistent and stable lift while the 120 gives you a higher top-end speed and more response in turns.

Best suited behind medium to large boats the 120 also works well winging and prone. Advanced riders will love the Carbon 120 with its fast lightweight feel and capable of tackling anything you put in front of it #FoilAnything.


  • Designed for Foilers of all sizes looking for an upgrade in speed and a reduction in weight.
  • Crazy low-end lift, but primed for eye-watering top speeds when you give it the gas! Nothing but the tightest turns, lofty boosts off the lip, and effortless pumps as you chart your own path from the boat.
  • Full 3K Pre-Preg Carbon Construction for minimal weight, and maximum strength.
  • The Horizon Surf 120 performs best with lighter riders or stronger wind conditions if winging is your thing.


  • Horizon 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1200 cm² | 80 cm Wingspan
  • H24 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 240 cm² | 37 cm Wingspan
  • 28" Carbon Mast
  • 44 cm Short Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit Included
  • Carrying Case