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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Flyer Thruster Wakesurf

2024 Liquid Force Flyer Thruster Wakesurf

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2024 Liquid Force Flyer Thruster Wakesurf

The Perfect Balance of Drive…Speed…and Control!

Introducing the 2024 Liquid Force Flyer Thruster Wakesurf at ProWake, offering the perfect balance of drive, speed, and control. Designed with versatility in mind, it effortlessly handles the wave, making it a top choice for all riders. Plus, we offer it in a 4'1" size, perfect for groms and smaller riders. Experience the benefits of increased volume for easier riding and a mid-wide tail that offers a cruise-control feel in the pocket while being ready to break free for epic slashes when needed. Discover the Flyer and elevate your wakesurfing game today!

Our Design Team crushed it, yet again.  The Flyer is another great new thruster shape in our 2024 Wakesurf Line built with speed and stability in mind.  The Flyer can hang back on a wave or drive down the line right back to the pocket in a moment’s notice.  With a board as versatile as the Flyer, you might not want to surf anything else…and we don’t blame you!  Oh yeah, we also offer the Flyer in a 4’1”!  Which is great for Groms or smaller riders and it has a vibe all of its own!


  • More Volume = Easier to Ride! Increased volume helps the board sit higher in the water, which equates to better glide speed on the wave.
  • Mid-wide Tail gives you that cruise-control feel while in the pocket, but ready to break free and start slashing the moment you’re ready to carve!


  • EPS Foam Core Construction with Wood Stringer
  • Square Tail Shape
  • EVA Surf Traction Pad
  • Two Dual Tabbed Carbon Honeycomb Side Fins | Single Dual Tabbed Center Surf Fin