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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Horizon 190 Foil Set

2024 Liquid Force Horizon 190 Foil Set

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2024 Liquid Force Horizon 190 Foil Set

No Need for a Bigger Boat!

The Horizon Surf 190 feels right at home behind even the smallest of wakes. Designed with stability and ease of use in mind, it’s truly suited for Foilers of all sized and abilities. 

Featuring our largest front wing with plenty of surface area for optimum lift, the Horizon Surf 190 will get you up onto foil sooner making it the perfect entry to intermediate foil setup.  Our CNC’d Aluminum mast and fuse extremely strong and light, great for inspiring confidence as your foiling career is evolving.


  • Low-End Lift at Slow Speeds is Second to None!
  • Aluminum Alloy Mast and Fuselage Components – Provides Strength and Rigidity
  • Perfect for larger Foilers, those with smaller wakes, or looking to take up dock starts! 
  • Looking to extend your foiling beyond the wake?  The Horizon Surf 190 excels as a light-wind foil for Winging.


  • Horizon 190 Front Wing - Surface Area 1900 cm² | 100 cm Wingspan
  • H24 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 240 cm² | 37 cm Wingspan
  • 28" Alloy Mast
  • 54 cm Bayonet Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit Included
  • Carrying Case