2022 Double Up Sapparod Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2022 Double Up Sapparod Wakeboard




The DUP Sapparod. Look at the design on this one this year. It's absolutely unreal.

This board is designed for everybody. It's an all-round board designed for cable riders that want to do it all - from kickers to rails. It's got a real stiff belly in it.

Super soft tip and tail, minimal channeling so nice loose fun board for all riders also got a grind base on it available in four sizes as well, check it out.



2022 Double Up Sapparod Pro Blank Wakeboard

The Sapparod. Love by all the staff here at Prowake, This board ticks the boxes in terms of cable boards. With its narrow tips and max flex, this board is the true king of modern rail era.

With clinical precision and technicality to match the best of the best, Yannik Patons is a true riders rider. Our board engineers have combined shape and flex to create a board that meets the demands of Yanniks rail riding talent. Starting with our narrowest tip and tail, we have applied the maximum amount of flex for smooth extended pressing, while still maintaining solid strength between your feet for heavy rail to rail transfers. Coming in our largest sizes and narrowest stance the Sapparod is the true king of the modern rail era. All coated with @Solrac_rs one of a kind artwork for ultimate punch.

Key Features

  • Dyna6 base formula
  • Dropped Edge profile
  • Flatline Hull
  • PU Side Walls
  • 600G Triax layup
  • Strategic CNC profiled core
  • 100% Paulownia Timber Core

Check out our Double Up Collection here.

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