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Slingshot and Double-up Demo Day! 11th December!

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Mikaela's guide on how to choose Women's Boat Wakeboard for beginners 2021 Ronix Krush A series that recognizes wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren’t always parallel. Your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline riding heelside and every aspect of the Krush takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding. Now, regardless of a toeside or a heelside cut, a rider feels more secure with their approach.  2021 Hyperlite Eden JR Wakeboard The asymmetrical design and women's specific flex make it the perfect choice to advance your skills. Creating...

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Daniel's review of the 2021 Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard 2021 Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard Built as a crossover model between boat and cable, this board is what lead us to the discovery that bigger boards bring bigger pop, smoother landings, more stability, and of course MORE STYLE on the water. With the added surface area, riders are able to plane at slower speeds, ride with less tension on the line, and, in turn, spend more time riding with less fatigue on the body. The Nomad has enough stiffness in the belly to deliver excellent pop behind the boat, yet in the past...

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Daniel introduces the 20201 Liquid Raph Wakeboard Review    2021 Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard The RAPH shape is the smoothest, loosest board for hitting features as it doesn’t have channels on the tip or tail. It features a 2D Flex Zone in the tips which allows the board to bend around rails for ultimate control.   The Raph features a wood CNC’d core, which gives the board more spring-loaded flex and rebound than the standard edition, creating a livelier ride.   Add in the Flex Track for unmatched connection, the LF Exclusive Grind base, and Liquid Rails for proven durability and you have...

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Kim Show's off the Two Chick's Boards' : 2021Slingshot Range  2021 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard The tapered Flex Tips and a more rigid belly give the Contrast the perfect blend of cable and boat performance - it has all the pop and ollie power you need for behind the boat while the Flex Tips delivered unmatched press-ability in the park.  2021 Slingshot Valley Wakeboard The ultra “cush” flex pattern takes the speed bumps out of every obstacle and surface, delivering buttery smooth slides and presses in the park. The smooth base and blocky sidewalls make for a fast and free feeling...

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Mikaela's Top Picks for 2021 Women's Wake Boots  Transcription: Hey guys, it’s Mikaela from Prowake talking about our three best options this summer in ladies boots. Starting off with the Slingshot Jewel.  Great high support, gummy straps lock-in system, with the laces as well. Now we've got the Liquid Force Vida a bit of a lower card. A bit more softer in the boot, lace up system. This are the Ronix Signature, best boots in the business right now. Multi-fit, super soft as we say here, like walking around in your own boots. All our boots here are standard US shoe size. If they don’t fit...

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