2024 Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2024 Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard




The Hyperlite Free Press. This board is epic. This year, I think I'm going to add one to the collection and the reason for that: first of all the Hyperlite Rep. Dean Smith, he rides one.

That's a pretty good indication. Second of all, the tip and tail is nice and soft, allowing you to get maximum presses on the rails yet it's still got that stiff belly so your landings are going to be super soft and super controllable.

This board here is unreal. That's just the front. If we take a look at the back, obviously, the design is so clean. It's so cool we've got different color ways for each size.

Another key feature is it's got the belly channels in it to give you maximum control on your cornering yet your nice flat tip and tail for maximum contact on the rails.

It's also got the 360 degree turned up edge too. So you don't catch an edge make it super safe. That's mainly the main reason why I want to get this board. Super safe. I'm going to see it in my collection. Hope you do too.




The Free Press. With its flexy tips and large surface area. Pressing has never been so fun and landings have never been so soft. Along with its turned up edges, this board is a must for cable riders.


JB O’Neill Signature Cable Wakeboard

“From flexy tips for pressing with ease to a large surface area for stabile landings, the Freepress is easily the most fun board I have ever ridden.” – JB O’NEILL

Earning himself the opportunity to create his first-ever pro model cable wakeboard we paired JB with Aaron Stumpf to create the Freepress. A clean and simple shape built atop a Blended 3-Stage Rocker delivers a fluid feel on the water with a touch of edge hold lining you up for the next feature. The simple flat platform delivers a consistent contact and control point, locking in on features made easy. Longer overall profile combined with thin flex zones make the Freepress one of our most flexible shapes, hitting a Flex Factor of 5. Constructed with our Bamboo Pop Top, JB’s Freepress bears a lively feel with insane rebound and spring back.



  • Woodlite Core
  • Blended 3-Stage Rocker
  • Reinforced Stance Area
  • Flat Tip / Tail Base Design
  • Bamboo Pop Top
  • Minimum Swing Weight Profile
  • Parabolic Edge Channels
  • Sintered Base
  • Urethane Sidewall
  • Full Beveled Edge
  • Shaper: Aaron Stumpf
  • M6 Inserts

Fins: Finless

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