2022 Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2022 Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard




The Wishbone. Take a look at this. This board is sick. I love it. 

Super Super clean with the design this year. You can tell just by looking at it it's one that you must have this year. One of its key features.

First of all, super light. I'm not that strong and I can tell this is a light board but the important part, the back of it. Let's take a quick look we've got center channeling in the belly there so you're getting that maximum control on the water.

Flat tip and tail for your maximum contact on the rails and it's also got the turned up edges so you're going to find that it's a lot easier on the rough water. This board is perfect. I'm keeping it.


2022 Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard

The Wishbone. Coming in 4 different sizes this board is perfect for anyone with its Midbody channels you get plenty of traction on the water without compromising your contact on the rails when doing presses.  


Graeme Burress Signature Cable Wakeboard

Dynamic Construction to Dominate the Park.

Hyperlite tasked Aaron Stumpf to create the next generation cable specific deck after he hit a home run with the original Union. Working with Graeme Burress, Aaron created the Wishbone, featuring an industry exclusive, our Woodlite Core.  Woodlite is a 100% machined wood core that is super durable. Strategic slots have been cut lengthwise throughout the core to reduce weight while delivering a unique feel on features, and a super-light feel in the air. The Power Press Rocker line makes pressing a cinch, and the Flat Nose Profile allows you to lock in and feel features like no shape ever has. Surrounded with a Urethane Sidewall and our Sintered Base, the Wishbone is one of Hyperlite’s most popular cable wakeboards cherished by riders of all ability levels. 



  • Woodlite Core
  • Power Press Rocker
  • Torsion Tech
  • Mid-Body Channels
  • Full Beveled Edge
  • Sintered Base
  • Urethane Sidewall
  • Concave Tip / Tail Base Design
  • Shaper: Aaron Stumpf
  • M6 Inserts

Fins: Finless

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