2024 Ronix District Wakeboard

 Brendan checks out the NEW 2024 Ronix District Wakeboard



2024 ronix district absolutely unreal. Intermediate board that don't want to spend a fortune. That don't want to spend an arm and a leg.

Only $650 and you can get out in the water and rip in like those pros. Great boat board. Check it out, awesome design this year too. Must-have on the boat collection.

Some of the key features about the Ronix district this year is that it's got the hybrid rocker so it's a mix between the three stage rocker and also your continuous. So it's really really cool.

It's best of both worlds really if you want to go out there and get that maximum pop and also maximum control through the wake.


2024 Ronix District Wakeboard - Marine Blue / Black

The Ronix District is an extremely versatile board. Regardless of your style of ability. The District with its hybrid rocker ranges from smooth/ low maintenance turns to wide open high-speed cuts.


The chameleon of conforming wakeboards.

ROCKER: Hybrid Continuous/3-Stage


ENERGY: Neutral: 5

RIDING STYLE: Boat / Intermediate / Advanced

This board has the rare trait of adapting to you, regardless of your style or ability. Recently we took one of our best-selling all-purpose series that rides without stereotypes and made it lighter, delivering more feedback and noticeably softer landings. The District with its hybrid rocker ranges from smooth/low maintenance turns to wide open high-speed cuts. With fast predictable takeoffs, to explosive wake to wake jumps, this is a series that truly covers the spectrum. Riders that approach the wake flat into the wake will notice a strong explosive 3-stage lift. If you jump while on rail you will notice a smooth blended rocker line with an uninterrupted fast take-off and landing. Riders who have a tendency to ride with their weight more evenly dispersed will feel a freeride floaty feel when they initiate turns. Or experience hairpin turns with quick edge transitions if you ride with your weight more in the tail of the board.  


  • G&R Technology
  • Concave Bottom
  • Variable Rail
  • Thin Profile
  • 4 Fibreglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
  • Universal Riding Style – designed by Chad Sharpe

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