2022 Ronix Julia Rick Flex Box 2 Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2022 Ronix Julia Rick Flex Box 2 Wakeboard




Right here. In front of my very eyes. I've got the 2022 Ronix Julia Rick Board.

This board here is perfect for your advanced cable riders and some of its key features are, first of all, the weight. Crazy light board but also it's tip and tail flex.

Perfect for locking in those deep presses on the rail. Also with channeling the whole way down it to give you maximum control on the water.

All in all, this is the perfect women's cable board to take your riding to the next level on the water.



2022 Ronix Julia Rick Flex Box 2 Wakeboard

The Julia Rick Flex Box 2. The perfect board for female riders looking for a lightweight board. Perfect for rails with its tip and tail flex.


The women’s answer to progressive park riding.

ROCKER: Continuous


FLEX: Targeted Tip/Tail Flex Zone

RIDING STYLE: Park / Advanced

A new longer size was added to our Flexbox 2 design with an Air Core 3 construction. The sport’s most dominant women’s rider continues to occupy the top spot on the podium, while pushing the boundaries of inventing new tricks. Julia loves the feeling of the Kinetik Project with finite tip/tail pressure points but wanted one with considerably less swing weight, so we proudly present an all Air-Core version that is nearly 2 Lbs. lighter and has more flex than its wood counterpart. This Flexbox 2 design is perfect for female riders looking for more technical presses with the softest tip/tail available.


  • Speedwalls
  • Flexbox 2 Profile
  • Sintered Base
  • G&R Technology
  • Julia Rick Pro Model

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