2024 Ronix Spring Break Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2024 Ronix Spring Break Wakeboard




Right here, I've got the 2024 Ronix Spring Break. Take a look at it. This thing is absolutely next level.

Great for all levels with its continuous flex from tip to tail, gives you maximum consistent control on the rails.

Perfect for learning and mixing it up. Taking your riding to the next level and learning to get control on the water.

To grab a board like this designed for all levels at a price point of $799. It's a must have in the collection this year. I can't wait to see it on the water.



2024 Ronix Spring Break Wakeboard - Lavender

The Spring Break. Constructed with the softest wood this board has constant flex from tip to tail. Ideal for exaggerated presses.


Loose, Playful Women’s Park Board.  

ROCKER: Continuous

CONSTRUCTION: Vertical / Horizontal Wood

FLEX: All Over Flex

RIDING STYLE: Park / All Levels

A board that has a constant flex from tip to tail for us ladies. Jamie Lopina’s latest creation has the freedom to break loose easier on the water for a freeride feel, or on rails to help shift that 180 with less restrictions. Made with the softest wood configuration in our range so you can really exaggerate a press from the soft tip to tail lay-up. The result is a must-have in your quiver. A cable fun board with a super clean bottom design and a spoonful of added rocker.  


  • Speedwalls
  • All over Flex Profile
  • Grind Base
  • Jamie Lopina Pro Model

 Check out our Ronix Collection here.

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