2022 Slingshot Native Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2022 Slingshot Native Wakeboard



The Slingshot Native have a look at it this year. This board here is designed for cable exclusive riders and boat exclusive riders.

So not just for the crossover guys but for the best of the best in each division. This here is a crossover king. Take a look at it super stiff belly.

It's got your soft tip and tails giving you maximum pop off the wake in the center yet maximum contact on the on the obstacles when you're out there ripping.

It's got your fins in it so you're still going to get that support when you're out there. What a beautiful clean, super awesome board. This one, you need to check it out!




The Native has proven to be a team favorite for both cable-exclusive and boat-exclusive riders since its debut in 2020. This true crossover king is a reincarnation of two legacy models from years past the Recoil and Response with upgrades like the Elliptical Concave and subtle Flex Tips to meet the needs of the new-age rider. It’s fast and free on the water and features a medium flex pattern that’s rigid enough for explosive pop on the boat without sacrificing its playfulness in the park. This deck is undoubtedly your one-stop shop for every type of riding built for the rider that can’t be bound to just one discipline.



  1. Atomic Wood Core - Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their famous flavor and flex.
  2. Carbon Bedrock Inserts - Light, flexible and super strong, our Carbon Bedrock Inserts reduce overall board weight, increases pull strength and allow for a more consistent flex under foot.
  3. Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls - Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the core of the board with a single shot, eliminating the need for fasteners or staples, which produces unrivalled dampening and durability.
  4. Ballistic Base - With .7mm’s of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you’re sliding across, this base layer is ready for battle. Put to the test daily by some of the most daring park riders in the game.
  5. Continuous Rocker Profile - This continuous curve equates to faster board speed on the water, allowing you to ride for longer periods of time with less arm fatigue and delivering an exciting, fast and fun feel.
  6. Signature Flex Tips Designed to make nose and tail presses more exhilarating. Flex Tips move the flex point out from the belly of the board and more into the tips for a whole new feel on rails

Check out our Slingshot collection here.

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