2022 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard

Brendan Reviewing the NEW 2022 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard




The Slingshot Pill. Man this board is Sharp. I love it this year. They've killed it with the design. It's super clean. 

You're going to find this board here is a hundred percent boat board. If you want to get that explosive pop behind the wake, then this is your board. With this super stiff belly due to its 100 percent carbon wrapped board.

This board is perfect for if you're looking to get out behind the boat and get that massive pop. you also find it's got your tip and tail channels.

It's got your fins as well, so you're going to get maximum control and edge into that wake when you when you're firing towards it.

So check this board out. Super clean this year. I'm going to put this one in the boat. I'll be riding this one for sure.



2022 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard


The 2022 Pill is 100% carbon wrapped from tip to tail on top and bottom, with an additional surface layer of 12K carbon - the lightest and stiffest variant of the carbon family - throughout the belly. The purpose of all this? To create the most explosive pop imaginable for advanced boat riding styles. The belly of the Pill is the most rigid we’ve ever created which means when you hit the wake with speed, the pop is immediate with no energy wasted. Carrying speed into the flats has never been easier than with the 2022 Pill, and when it comes time to touch down the V-shaped spine helps to disperse water and soften landings without sacrificing speed. It’s fast and free overall with the perfect amount of grip when you need it most.


  • Atomic Wood Core - Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their famous flavor and flex.
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts - Light, flexible and super strong. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allows for a more consistent flex under foot.
  • Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls - Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the core of the board with a single shot, eliminating the need for fasteners or staples, producing unrivalled dampening and durability.
  • Naca Tech Channels - Cut on a constant curve, Naca Tech Channels smoothly re-direct the flow of water down along the channels to increase traction without sacrificing speed.
  • 3-Stage Rocker Profile - Slower board speed on the water, bigger pop off the wake. Ideal for boat riding or for locking into different sections of the flex on the cable or nose and tail presses.
  • Rigid Flex - Our stiffest flex profile in the line delivers an immediate response off the wake, producing the most explosive pop, and ensuring the board lands with speed when boosting past the 2nd wake into the flats.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction - All new for 2022, the pill is infused with Carbon fiber from tip to tail on both sides of the core with an additional 12K carbon layer inlaid into the belly of the board from stiffening the center of the board to create the most lively and immediate kick off the wake imaginable.

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