2022 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard

 2022 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard



the terrain to wakepark is like beans and rice with mexican food. It's essential! This board here is a perfect cheat code for learning those nose and tail presses with it's all over flex.

This board here, I'll need that cheat code by the way, so this is my next board. You can check it out here, it's super clean looking it's got your side wall for strength when you're banging into those obstacles.

This board also has a grind base on it so when you're hitting those obstacles you've got a super strong, robust, super-fast, reliable board on your hands.

I know I'll be getting one of these this summer this board is sick.


2022 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard


The Terrain is to wakepark riding what beans and rice are to Mexican food: ESSENTIAL! The vertically laminated Atomic Wood Core brings every Slingshot board to life underfoot, and when combined with the Terrain’s ultra-soft flex pattern, riders will be flexing and pressing through the park like a champ! Several of our riders have describes the Terrain as the key to unlocking the nose and tail press, taking their skill and control to new levels within a matter of just a few short sessions. Extra thick sidewalls and the wider tip and tail profile increase both the durability of the board and the likelihood of making it off the end of the obstacle.



  1. Atomic Wood Core - Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their famous flavor and flex.
  2. Carbon Bedrock Inserts - Light, flexible and super strong, our Carbon Bedrock Inserts reduce overall board weight, increases pull strength and allow for a more consistent flex under foot.
  3. Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls - Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the core of the board with a single shot, eliminating the need for fasteners or staples, which produces unrivalled dampening and durability.
  4. Ballistic Base - With .7mm’s of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you’re sliding across, this base layer is ready for battle. Put to the test daily by some of the most daring park riders in the game.
  5. Continuous Rocker Profile - This continuous curve equates to faster board speed on the water, allowing you to ride for longer periods of time with less arm fatigue and delivering an exciting, fast and fun feel.
  6. Wide Tip/Tail Profile - The wide profile makes it easier to stay locked onto rails all the way to the finish and also provides more surface area to keep you on top of the water with less speed/effort.


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