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Depending on who you ask, it’s very possible you’ll get completely different answers to the question, “What's the best wakeboard brand?”. That question has debated for the longest time. The truth? There no right answer. There isn't a "best" option out there; most modern brands offer high-quality products that'll work well in any situation!

To help with this, we, at Prowake, have compiled a list of the current wakeboard brand names that we think standout the most and offers great quality products. This post will take a brief look at each of them, and will provide insight on what we believe they do best.

5 Best Wakeboard Brands

Wakeboarding is a growing sport, and every brand has something unique to offer. The key to finding the best wakeboard brand is finding out what works best for you and your needs.

For some people, the price point is the most crucial aspect they value; for others, it's essential to know how and where their items are manufactured, and some might just want something that looks cool.

We'll be touching on several factors that help a wakeboard brand stand out in this list. Mindful of their strengths, in the end, it's hard to go wrong. All brands listed here make a product that will last many seasons!

1) Hyperlite 

Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake

Let's start the list with one of the pioneers in the industry. Hyperlite is a brand that everyone is familiar with. They have been manufacturing boards for more than three decades.

With their extensive experience, they do not take chances and make sure that they produce wakeboards that perform and last.

True to their name, Hyperlite's boards are ultra-lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and won't fatigue you in the water. It's the perfect board for beginners!

Another great product from Hyperlite is their traditional wakeboard bindings. No other brand offers the "System" bindings - they no longer require the riders to take off their boots every time they fall; instead, they simply have to loosen the strap and step out.

They can then walk back to the starting dock while wearing their boots and have their feet protected the whole way.

2) Ronix

Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake

Ronix is one of the newer brands; however, they have quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in the sport. They always incorporate technology with style and comfort, always aiming to produce products close to perfection.

What makes ronix different from others is that it offers customisation to fit the diverse market's needs. It manufactures products to meet the needs of every man, woman, and child, regardless if they are novices or pros.

The Ronix bindings are the exact definition of 'simple but effective'. Very well made, not complicated, and can hold up to some abuse. In a nutshell, they hold up well and are quite comfy.


3) Liquid Force

Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake

Liquid Force is another long-standing leader in the sector. They began in the 1990s and remain a powerful influence in the thoughts of wakeboarders all around the world.

They represent a laid-back feel that's all about fun on the water as a brand. Liquid Force is always promoting fun events, and they have a vast selection of products.

Liquid Force stands out to me as a brand for several reasons. Their creativity and design, as well as their eagerness to attempt new things just for the sake of having fun.

The artwork on Liquid Force boards always seems to have a particular style that jumps out. So, if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind board, they're probably the place to start.

Simply said, they have are the "party" section of wakeboards.


4) Slingshot

Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake

In the wakeboard world, slingshot wakeboards are a relatively recent force. Their board technology was initially leaning toward kitesurfing and was later applied to wakeboarding.

As the popularity of wakeboard cable parks expanded, Slingshot built a name for themselves. Their boards were noted for their versatility as well as their durability, making them ideal for riders who loved to attack ramps and slide rails.

Slingshot Wake has primarily focused on boards and bindings, but now, they are steadily expanding their product line. Slingshot now produces wakeboards, bindings, wakesurf boards, foil boards, and a small selection of accessories such as life jackets.

Here's a company that's driven by passion. They swear by their motto " made by riders for riders."

Slingshot wakeboards are a relatively new force in the wakeboard world. Primarily a company built for kitesurfing, their board technology carried over to wakeboarding, and they expanded to have a full wakeboard team and line of products!

They helped popularize the fully wooden core wakeboards and added extra-durable wakeboard sidewalls, so if a board got dinged, it would simply bounce back instead of crack.


5) Double Up

Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake

THE brand by wakeboarders for wakeboarders.

The Double Up Wake is for those who seek individuality, value function over form, and prefer to ride than get caught up in the noise that booms from the lineup at the dock.

DUP Wake has always strived to provide a unique perspective on wakeboarding and, of course, the product. Attention-grabbing design and best quality is the wakeboard brand for everyone who likes to swim against the tide and is undoubtedly very well known in the scene!

Instead of just doing the easy thing by jumping on new fads, gimmicks and slick marketing campaigns, DUP wake's focus remains on providing quality products. 


If you're anything like me, you want to find the perfect wakeboard for your needs. And luckily, there are a ton of great brands out there that each excels in different areas. Start browsing through the different brands and see which one offers boards that fit your style. Don't be afraid to try out a few different ones either; it's important to find the brand that makes YOU feel comfortable on the water. Ready to shop for your new wakeboard.

You can read our Best Wakeboards 2022 review or the Best Wakeboard for Beginners if you're still starting with the sport. Nonetheless, give us a call or drop in-store, and we will be happy to help you find the ultimate wakeboard you've always dreamed of. 


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Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake Best Wakeboard Brands - Prowake
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